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The mission here at Pure Value K9 Training is to keep as many dogs as possible out of shelters and help as many owners as possible get the canine companion they have always dreamed of!  We get results by having empathy to the hardships you are facing and tackling it with calm consistent leadership.  Dogs need a loving leader that will give them boundaries and help them learn what behaviors are and aren't acceptable.

Do you feel like you have tried everything or been through multiple trainers and still haven't seen any results? 
Pure Value K9 Training can help with any age, breed, temperament or energy level.  Obedience, Reactivity, Resource Guarding, Leash pulling, and service dog preparation are just some of the things we can help with.  If you have specific wants or needs let us know, each training program is designed uniquely based off of the dog and their owners needs/wants. 

Pure Value K9 Training uses a Balanced Training approach with as much positive reinforcement as possible.  Tools that may be used are Slip leash, Herm Sprenger Collar, long line, Training lead, Muzzle, treats, dog food, a lot of praise, and E-Collar.  Due to every dog being different and what the owner wants, the necessary tools will be decided after there has been observation and we have started working with the dog.


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Hi, I'm Chesney Stock Head trainer at Pure Value K9 Training.  First and foremost I wanted to introduce myself.  I love to laugh, have fun, and be the light that shines for others incase they've lost their way!  Through the many seasons of my life I discovered that I share this same light and love for dogs.  I've come to learn that my passion in life is to shine my light on every canine I come in contact with.

I have trained with world renowned program creators, directors, and authors to challenge and push myself to be amongst the best trainers.  I will continue to challenge myself in didactic material, as well as field training because this industry is ever changing.  Thus, I must keep up to remain ahead of the curve!

I want to thank you for visiting my website.  Call with and questions or to book your K9 consultation!  I look so forward to meeting you, your family and your K9 friend(s)!

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Why I became a dog trainer

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Like most of you I was a normal dog owner of 2 German Shepherds Nala and Simba.  Nala is the perfect dog, so I thought getting another from the same breeder would have the same end result, Boy was I wrong!  Simba was afraid of everything; people, noises, and extremely reactive to other dogs.  I went through multiple trainers and spent thousands of dollars t0 help trying to help him.  He would get better for a few days and then revert back to his old ways.  I wanted nothing more than for him to have a normal life and be able to go on adventures with our family.  I grew up with dogs and my parents bred boxers.  I have always had a way with animals.  I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands by following my passion to become a reputable dog trainer who achieves lifelong results.  I graduated from the Will Atherton Advanced Canine Behavior and Training course and am now a Canine Professional.  I have volunteered at rescues, worked with Rover and did pet sitting and dog walking.  I have trained dogs of many breeds helping them learn the necessary skills to lead a happy life.  I was even able to help Simba; we now can walk through downtown during festivals, walk past other dogs on the street and live an off-leash lifestyle!  By teaching and reinforcing acceptable behaviors, making small lifestyle changes, setting boundaries, and exhibiting calm consistent leadership, I am confident that I can help you and your dog overcome the challenges you are facing.



Puppy Package

Designed for puppies 6 months of age or younger.  This package is designed to help you learn how to have your perfect puppy!  We will cover puppy biting, chewing, jumping, crate training, potty training, engagement, basic commands, what behaviors are acceptable, and which are not, proper leash walking and more!

Price $500

5 lessons @ 45-60 minutes


The consultation is designed for me to come to your home/neighborhood and observe you and your dog interact, and how your dog interacts with me.  We will discuss the hardships you are facing and what type of outcome you are looking for so I can create a training program that is designed for you and your dog's needs specifically. 

*If you decide to book a Board-N-Train the consultation fee will come off of your deposit.


Price $145

60 minutes

Basic Obedience

This program is best for 6 months and up and is designed to help you communicate effectively with your dog through calm consistent leadership. We will work on breaking the bad habits like barking, jumping, chewing and leash pulling and turn them into healthy habits!  Commands covered in this program are sit, stay, down, come, place and heel.  Lessons will take place in your home and neighborhood weekly or biweekly which ever you prefer.  

Price $600

5 lessons @ 60 minutes

Single Private Lesson

The single private lesson will take place in your home and neighborhood.  It is best suited for minor issues, someone just needing some guidance to get on the right track, or if you need help with getting a command rock solid (e.g., sit, down, leash pulling to some degree).  Please don't hesitate to reach out to find out if this is a good fit for you.

Price $125

1 lesson @ 60-90 minutes

Basic Board-N-Train *

Price $3000

2 weeks

This 2 week course is geared towards getting a better understanding of leash skills and have better control of your dog inside and outside of the home.  This program is not for off leash reliability.  Your dog will be conditioned to a high-quality E-Collar, learn house etiquette, leash basics, place, threshold/door manners, and how to behave in a crate.  We will go on multiple outings to pet friendly establishments and walking in different places so they are conditioned to all sorts of competitive motivators.

Advanced Board-N-Train *
Off Leash Training


The Advanced program (contains everything from the Basic Board-N-Train) is 4 weeks of practical, everyday obedience completed with a high level of precision, outside, and off leash with distractions. This program also includes socialization and manners.  All behaviors are taught with high-level competing motivators.  Behaviors taught are sit/extended sit, down/extended down, place/extended place, loose leash and off leash walking, as well as house manners and threshold/door manners. 

Price $4,500

4 weeks

*The E-Collar is included in the price of the Board-N-Train packages.  A mid-way training session will be held with the owner to teach the owner what the dog has accomplished so far and go over how to continue the training once the dog comes home.  A $500 deposit is required to book a Board-N-Train with the remaining balance due at time of drop off.   A follow up lesson will be scheduled for 30 days after the completion of the Board-N-Train program.  If you are still experiencing difficulties, I will help with the issue at no additional cost to you as I do guarantee my work.



Georgina K, South Llyon

Chesney is kind, patient and very very knowledgeable!  She knows exactly what my Doodle needed and how to help him.  She has taught me that Rocky really just wants to please me.  She has taught me how to make him sit, down, place and when it's okay to come off!  She has taught me and him how to walk so he is not pulling me anymore!  She is amazing (like a dog whisperer) we look forward to every opportunity to work with her!  We are very blessed to have her!

Barb K, Garden City

Chesney Stock is one of the most kind, knowledgeable and creative K9 Trainers!  To have the chance to touch any dog's life gives her life.  I believe she can communicate with them in a way that most can't.  In fact I've seen her with our dogs and they trust her and know she'll keep them safe!  Thank you Chesney!

Keith L, Howell

Thank you again!  I cannot begin to tell you how happy we are with this experience and we will be happy to use your services again.  We will make sure to recommend you to everyone we know!

Kevin E, Howell

Thank you so much for your time, Brady really enjoyed spending time with you and I was more comfortablefortable knowing he was in great hands, we will continue to use your services.

Ann C, Garden City

I absolutely loved Chesney's training techniques and capabilities.  She is very patient with Daisy & Fiona.  Both of them have completely different personalities, one is very hyper and playful, the other is lovable but dominant toward other dogs.  She gave me techniques for both of the dogs. including how to introduce my boyfriends dog to the dominant one.  They have been much easier to handle when walking with both dogs.  I never thought my dogs could be as disciplined and responsive as they are now.  I would absolutely recommend Chesney if you need help training your dogs!!

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